Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beautiful Tanzania

By: Lilian Mwanga – YETS 2010

Tanzania is so beautiful and God bless it with a lot of valuable resources which cover a large part of he country, such as five key minerals are found in the country. For example gold (2,222 tones) nickel (209 million tones), diamonds (50.9 million tones), copper (13.65 million tones) and iron ore(103million tones) but it’s wonder the country known as poor whole over the world this is due to the fact that massive poverty continues to rock the majority of Tanzanians.

The issue is why are we poor despite of having all these huge deposits? It is a big shame of having something and don’t use it, this is what happening in the country. Local people have not access of their resources. Policy makers and politicians know all these and other evils which happen in the country but still they are quite.

The main problems are as follow.
Poor policies of minerals and investment, the truth is policy makers are making conducive environment for investors that’s why local people are still suffering despite of all wealth found in the country. The policies of minerals and investment favor much foreigners and this is proved whereby 97% of annual revenue from minerals are taken away, and only 3% remain in the country. In this situation why don’t we be poor?

Another problem is concerning weakness of CSOs. CSOs are not capable to attack various issues which bring the country to the massive poverty. Due to their incapability, CSOs are not well involved in decision making concerning various contracts which are signing everyday. Also there is no participation at the grass root level, people are not informed and involved in various issues concerning their wealth.

Suggested solutions;
Civil Society Organisation should be strengthened their capacity through various means such as drawing provision, due to this would give them chance to stand and advocate various sectors also would rise awareness to the community.
All CSO’s should form strong coalition and start campaigning against those evils which bring the country to the desert to create and rise awareness to the people. Also should lobby the government to review and change policies as well as contracts concerning minerals and fishery sector.

YETS should real be a good example by being agent of change, we should use properly those skills and knowledge which we acquire in the program and share with others to the benefit of the community. We should not be quiet when we see our environment are used to benefit foreigners, let stand as one and speak out by giving our views, opinions concerning the issues in order to influence changes in the country.


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  1. Ok Lilian keep it up, it is a nice article thank you.