Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Young Environmental Activists in Tanzania on video

- We have to do something. There is time for change! This message is strong and clear from the Young Environmental Trainees – the YETs - who participate in the programme WWF and around 50 partners are running in Tanzania. Young environmentalists are trained to become environmental activists and educators at the local level.

View the video here:

The YETs are involved in a 10 month educational program on governance of natural resources in Tanzania, run by WWF and cooperating Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) with support of the Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania.

The YETs have finished environmental education from universities, but are unemployed. During this 10 month program they attend a serie of 6 modules where 2 weeks of theory are followed by 6-8 weeks of field work in environmental CSOs.
The YET-program is based on learning by doing, inspired by African traditional education as well as by the Pedagogy for liberation in Brasil (Freire) and Scandinavian folk-high-schools (Grundtvig).
The program focuses on the opportunities and empowerment of human beings, gives training in tools for change and contributing to better self esteem, trust in own creativity, ability to solve problems and to make changes based on own analysis and solutions.

The aim is to develop young environmental activists with both knowledge, skills and the courage to promote sustainable use of natural resources in Tanzania.
The programme runs for 5 years, and is funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania.
Will the YET’s become CHANGE AGENTS?
Comments from YETs on the programme:
“In YET programme youth are being given trainings and ample time to experience what they were taught as well as ways in tackling various issues. In other training educations or workshop people just meet for some hours then and left home where they just throw any kind of material documents in the bins.”
Thomas Chale
“The opportunities I got through YET trainings were to meet with other young environmentalists of different education background from different parts of the country and more knowledge and skills about Environmental issues (Policy and Legislations, Communication skills). I also got job experience and employment opportunity at the CSO TaTEDO.”
Victoria Maeda

“YET training gave me an opportunity of having an experience as well as learning more about the existing Natural Resource Governance systems here in Tanzania and its efficiency. This experience has contributed significantly into complementing the acquired skills and knowledge in class towards management and conservation of natural resources.
It was an opportunity for me as a youth promote environmental awareness simply because I often have better access to information about the environment than do the elders in the grassroots communities who are influential in the communities.
The training also has increased my self confidence, perseverance, integrity and has helped me to develop positive relationship with the community I am working with”.
William Nambiza

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