Sunday, June 13, 2010


Years and years we have been singing the same old songs,

Panda mti Kata mti, Tunza Misitu, Misitu ni Uhai and so on

And yet the situation has became more critical

Right now it is said 58miln US dollar Tanzania Revenue is lost each year,

And also it is estimated illegal activities in logging has persisted from 50-90%

We have heard this even eye witnessed this depressing story

Of how our forests resources have been inhumanly expropriated and extremely exploited

By the same corrupt government officials who are supposed to be social servant

The time has come for us to arise my fellow Tanzanian of Mtakuja

Arise, arise, arise because the sun for change is shining bright

Wake up from the deep sleep and speak out, lets your voices be heard

Lets each of us proclaim the end of corruption in forest sector

And as we arise today, let’s proclaim the end of old era

Of stinking odor of corruption among our government officials

And let’s welcome new era of corruption free in logging trade

Lets all of us start by being patriotic enough to point out key corrupt officials

Who acts as brakes rather than accelerators for development.

I am speaking to you my fellow Tanzanians,

This is our problem, our lives those officials are ruining

But we still have hope that our forests resources will benefit us all

And no longer the few corrupted.

Arise Tanzania and let’s unite as one.

Let our voices be heard as one saying this is the end of corruption in logging trade

Let us proclaim,

We want transparency, good governance and patriot leaders.

Arise villagers of Mtakuja we still have hope as we unite,

If we did unite during our independence in the 1960’s

Despite having different 120 tribes, religions, culture and language

And still we stood as one, why can’t we do the same today.

Let’s arise today and say enough is enough

We have the rights to question on what’s going on.

Arise today and let it be a memorable day

5years later to remember that we stood up united

Against all those who stripped our nation and us naked

And left us shivering with cold while they are wrapped in furs.

Arise Mtakuja villagers and shout out today “United we stand the time has arrived for change”.

By Suzan Kagize, YETs 2010.


  1. Very strong speech

  2. credit for the inspiring speech.Hongera

    by Baraka