Friday, July 9, 2010

Scientists should talk much on reality rather than predictions:

In October 2009, more than 350 young earth scientists (both practitioners and academicians) gathered at University of Geosciences, Beijing, China discussing different scientific challenges facing our planet earth today. The event also involves decision makers (politicians), civil society organizations and many other senior scientists from different countries all over the world. I was one among the Africans colleagues participated and leading the group of Africans young earth scientists presenting scientific findings from Africans perspective. We shared experiences from every corner of the world. Despite of accruing all those, the most thing which am so honoured is the round table session discussing how we can improve knowledge generated from sciences entitled as the “Balance between science and reality”
A lot of issues where highlighted with decision makers (politicians) and scientists regarding to the balance between reality and science. The arguments lie on different perspectives, and finally we reach on amicable conclusion. Politicians rely more on idea that different research projects come up with the findings with full of uncertain with hard language, and are not straight only contain projection and not reality. Further they continue to argue that, knowledge generated from scientific findings should be put into practice for actions and economic development. This could bring interphase between politicians and scientists. We finally agreed, we need realistic scientific findings which can help to raise GDP, stabilize economy and even creating jobs all over the world.

Stephen J Nyagonde
National Representative
Young Earth Scientist Network- Tanzania,
Internship WWF Tanzania Office,
Rubeho Environmental Action Project-REAP,
Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG),
Rubeho, Mpwapwa, Dodoma,
Mobile: +255713058745, +255765111101

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