Friday, October 14, 2011


We can look at this from a few different angles. Suppose that we were to take a bucket and scoop up some water, including a bit of muddy sediment, from a lake. The water is a bit murky because the sediment has been mixed with the water and is in motion. If someone was to ask what is inside of the water, would we be able to tell them? We might be able to make some good guesses. Maybe there's a piece of a tire, maybe a shoe, or a license plate, or maybe a fish. In reality we would have to wait for the sediment to settle for us to really be able to see and then know.

Because our minds are always active and moving while also being pulled and pushed here and there, trying to get things done and organize it all at the same time, we don't always see the deeper and more subtle parts of what is going on inside of "us". Perhaps this is a little disturbing when we first think about it, but it is because of all this mental movement that we have stress, anxiety, pressure, loss of memory, confusion, fear, distractions, inability to concentrate for long periods of time, non-productivity, loss of self esteem or position, irritation, misunderstandings, etc. The list goes on and on.

Every creature searches for happiness. But not all ways lead to sustained happiness. So we need to find ways that work! How, then, do we stop searching and find happiness? Well that's just it; we stop our mind until it stands still! We let the sediment in our mind, in who we are, settling-and then we will see and know what's going on. That is what meditation is. Anyone from any religion can do this, easily and with neutrality, and still consider themselves upholders of their faith.

Inner Peace or Meditation is also a way in which we get to truly know ourselves. We learn who we really are, and what we are doing here. Sometimes the big problems have the simplest solutions. And, as you will see, meditation has both physical and spiritual benefits. If you just want to relax, let go and do something productive in your own moral and ethical development as a human being, meditation provides that opportunity. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase alertness, help decision-making, improve organizational skills, enhance awareness, and boost energy.

Many meditators have more energy than they know what to do with: You will, too, when you learn how to let go and not force or seek control of everything in your life.

All the previous energy used in trying to fight the stress, irritation, and frustration is now excess for us to use at our disposal. For those on the spiritual journey, meditation gives access to the deepest parts of ourselves and our place in the universe around us. It is the way to our complete understanding and the highest degree of happiness. No matter how delicious we can try to make meditation sound in order to tempt you into meditating, this is a fruit that is meant to be eaten and not just described. In the end, it is not for anyone else but you yourself.

Meditation removes the blindfold, the darkness that covers our eyes from the truth. Meditation generates the inner light that gives us vision to see just what is really happening around us. And I think that, in itself, speaks for itself.
Written by:
Anselimo Wami-YET 2011

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