Thursday, April 2, 2009


The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is conducting a training programme for young envirnmentalists (YETs) so as to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Tanzania.The training was inaugurated by the Honorable ambassador of Norway in Tanzania, Jon Lomoy whom in his speech centered on a biggest challenge that faces Tanzania despite her vast wealthy of natural resources, failure to accommodate challenge accounts to her poverty.
Tanzania has large forests diversity, high population of wild animal, large part of water bodies, valuable minerals and the productive land; however it is among the poorest countries in the world, 89 percent of the total Tanzanian population survives on a single meal per day.
The big challenge is governance, in his speech, the ambassador Lomoy declares that we need three pillars; the strong government, strong civil society and a vibrant private sector. The strong government that efficiently collect tax, wisely use laws to effect changes, the civil society that act as a “watchdog” and the vibrant private sector that can work hand in hand with the government. It’s high time for Tanzanians to quit themselves from swimming in a pool of poverty since decades of our grandparents, our esteem leaders should remember that “charity starts at home”.
He was accompanied by WWF Tanzania country representative Mr Stephen Mariki.
The training will be conducted at the interval throughout the year with the aim of acquainting knowledge and practice to young environmentalists who will act as change agents to effect environmental conservation specifically concentrating on the wildlife, fishery and forestry sub sectors of natural resources.

Beatrice Benjamin

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