Thursday, April 2, 2009


Official opening was done at 11:00 by Hon. Ambassador John Lomoy(Norway).He said why he involved in this pragramme of strengthening the capacity of Environmental civil society of 6tanzania by mentioning several reasons like the dilemma of Natural resource we have such as Forest, Wildlife, Water bodies and Minerals.

Although Tanzania is endowed by great varieties of natural resource but still 90% of people are still poor .Therefore there is need of changes on utilization of those natural resource we have from unsustainable utilization to sustainable utilization which lead to sustainable development.

He gave an example of his country (Norway) that the country was very poor several years ago in Europe but she transformed from poor to rich through different pillars which are strong government used to collect tax, formation of civil society organization like FBOs and strong private sectors which were put pressure to the government. All these brought development of Norway and now days is the richest country in the world. Also Hon. Ambassador suggests that here in Tanzania we are supposed to follow that truck so as to come out with development therefore we need to put more emphasis on private sector, civil society organizations and strong government.

Furthermore Hon Ambassador mentioned some conflicts which are caused by natural resource user such as conflict between farmers and pastoralists, and also between two ministries and sub sectors. For example conflict between ministry of water and ministry of energy and minerals, ministry of agriculture and ministry of natural resources and tourism and he suggested that the solutions to these conflicts is for two side to sit together and distribute the resource equally based on the priority and demand of the time being.

Moreover Hon Ambassador said Tanzania is challenged by strong corruption in the use of natural resources, workshop diseases, lack of transparency, selfishness of government leaders which lead to poor/weak government, weak private sectors and all these hinder the development of our country.

Now its time for Tanzania to change by following the same truck of Norway so as to stop swimming in the pool of poverty, it’s the time for the private sector to change and be strong so as to help local community to transform from poor to rich society as what happened in Norway.

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