Monday, June 15, 2009


Pugu story dates back slightly before early 1990s and it has survived the test of time.

The impressions “The lack of success of the previous attempts may have been due to poor timing, we feel that the present rate of destruction of both forests and the growing awareness among FBD decision makers in combination with a concerted mobilization of concerned Forestry Experts and Environmentalists, will make a difference this time”.

Kik van den Heuvel
Pugu Hills

My feelings after our last field visit to sand mines are as follows;

Pugu is there to stay you can not stop business which the product is wanted you just push it into the underground, you make it more profitable and luxurious, you create conducive room for corruption and bribery and high degree of involvement in corruption at all levels. You promote artificial demand and people rush for it at any cost
You encourage a situation of no body owns no body cares, you make us all loose the intended benefits, the government loose revenue, adjacent communities loose profit and confidence (the business loose profit margins – corruption)
WHO IS YOU in this aspect?

What to do:
a)Legalize the communities adjacent to the area and let them own the sand mines and pay appropriate government taxes,
b)Assist them to conduct environmental impact Assessment of the area and their activities as stipulated in environmental laws of 2004
c)Encourage them to rehabilitate the area following up the EIA
I agree that the second stage will include communication with the surrounding communities and stakeholders regarding the new management initiative and the involvement of the communities and stakeholders in the management of the Forests.
If it does not grow maize to feed people what good is it for? Meet needs of present generation without compromising the future needs is the only way.

David Kabati

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