Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Once up on the time it happen a dangerous disease which have no medicine to cure it in a tortoise community, big population of tortoise dies, and many of them fall sick and some other became deaf, other lost their sense of sights e.t.c it was really threat disasters to the whole community, they search for medicine for a long time but they could find one, they pray to God and he answer tortoise prayer and show them the place in the forest where they can find the big and very tall tree which has blessed fruits which can cure the disease immediately,
Then all the tortoise were gathered under the tree which has blessed fruits, the fist tortoise start climb the tree, other tortoise begin to throwing shocking words to him so that it can lose hope and step down, they say “your not able to reach on the top” your just a tortoise.. Who told you that a tortoise can climb a tree...”” it is impossible for tortoise to climb a tree my dear, we all going to die because no tortoise can climb this tree and pick the bless fruit and save our lives!!! They say to him loudly. Poor tortoise loose hope and fail to climb and step down… The second one try to climb but he fail to go far because he listen those terrible words from other tortoises, then follow the third one... the fourth and the fifth but all didn’t manage to reach on top of tree because they loose courage and step down.. …….!!!!

But the last one who was very weak and very sick because of the disease move very slowly, start to climb slowly and all tortoise community suddenly laugh at him, and make same noise told him your so fun, they say “”oooh… poor sick little tortoise you better not even try to climb because your nothing but a looser you cant climb that tree!!! All strong tortoises fail to climb how could you??””” They continue to make noises but the little tortoise continue to climb slowly and he reach on top of tree, pick up bless fruits and eat, then pick many fruits for others too…
Finally he step down and all the tortoise surprise and asking him how he get there after all shocked words and noises from them?? He say ooh I didn’t heard anything from you because I was a deaf, after eat a bless fruits cured me and now I have the sense of hearing again!!! And all the communities’ member calls him a HERO!! TORTOISES CAN CLIMB A TREE. YES THEY CAN!!.

nginyi kimaai

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