Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello everyone,please find the comments on the articles from Pg 63-67

Does Tanzania really need aids?

The main issues in the articles are embezzlement of donor funds that Tanzania has been received for development activities. It shows that there is mismanagement of funds in major resources activities as the people entitled to such departments are corrupt.

Now the question comes, does Tanzania really need aids if they all end up in the hands of the few? My view is that, there is no need of donor countries to continue providing aids to Tanzania given the fact that only few people benefit and left others in misery.

Aids are intended for development activities and thus donor agencies provide them with strict conditional ties stressing its use for the specific activities.

The country claims to have problems and thus request for aids from other country so that such problems are at least being tackled.

But due to the greediness of some leaders they embezzle the funds that are being disbursed. In that course everyone should ask him/her self if Tanzania does really need aids as the projects are not fully implemented.

CSOs programme can be used as a tool in making sure that they stress on the policies adopted in reserving natural resources by doing some cross checking with the government authorities to see how effective they are.

It is with this regard that CSOs play their role in lowering corruption by announcing in public the dishonest employees who are corrupt rather than protecting them claiming that their cases are crucial or too early to make such people public.

Although one might say that it is not the solution by just making them public but at least they will be known and people will never give them the opportunity to hold any kind of positions that will give them chance to squander the aids.

There should be some sort of secret ways that CSOs can use in doing research to other natural resource agencies in determining the competence of officials employed there.

This is due to the fact that it was shown in the report that some funds were embezzled just because the officials did not know to account for the amount spent. That means they do not know the “a, b c” when it comes to budget expenditure.

In doing that it will reduce the tendency of favoritism in hiring people to areas where they do not belong as they are not competent enough.

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