Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Tanzania is among of wealth countries in the world particularly in natural resources such as minerals, fisheries, forest, fertile soil etc. According to geological survey conducted last year by the ministry of energy and minerals, Tanzania has huge reserves in eleven key minerals include Gold, Nickel, Tanzanite, Diamond, Copper, Iron Ore, Coal, Limestone, Soda ash, Gypsum and Phosphate. So far, only three types of minerals i.e. Gold, diamonds, Tanzanite are being fully mined by multinational companies which at the end of the day take 97%, leaving only peanut to the original Tanzanian owners.

Even though there is wealth of resources but still Tanzania is invaded by poverty because of the following problems:-
Presences of and sectoral planning poor policy in resources utilization. Where by police and planning found does not provide opportunity of utilize it so as to bring sustainable development.
Importation of resources through multination cooperations. Where by resources like minerals, fisheries, forest product are being exported out, its income does not used in country for development.
Poor leadership in resources management, managers particularly ministries does not managed it effectively, they are signing contract of exploiting resources without regarding the future generation.
Presence of corruption, where by corruption in various sectors of natural resources, where by loss of natural resources are taken through illegally by corruption way between managers and those who demanding it.
Lack of environmental education to the local community which cause failure on protection and conservation of natural resources like water, soil, forest, wildlife etc.

Solution toward these problems are:-
Provision of environmental education to the community on how they are needed or responsibility in conservation and preservation of natural resources like forest, water, wildlife etc.
Provision of advocacy and lobbying to the political leaders so as to consider on proper management of resources, this process can be done by environmental trainees,
civil societies, private sectors, towards the government who is the owner of the natural resources.
Making community participation in the resources management as well as in harvesting or manipulation which will allow conservation and management.
Influencing capacity building to the young environmentalists, civil societies organization.
To have good police and plans to wads on conservation and protection of the natural resources.
CONCLUSSION.Therefore,in order to have present and future development government,civil societies organizations, private sectors with cooperation from local community should make sure that resources are used for Tanzania development.


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