Thursday, March 31, 2011


Its God only who gives life but every human being has the chance to save life. Our visit to Babati district in Manyara region brought us face to face with individuals in the community who dedicated themselves to saving life.
The first example of a life saver is Mr. Joachim Tambo a private farmer who owns a private forest. He was born in 1937 in southern Tanzania. In 1985 he started tree planting in the degraded area of Halla village which is now the famous Halla forest. This forest has not only enabled to reduce soil erosion but has also increased the fertility of the land. Because of the increased soil fertility more crops can now grow well in and around Halla forest for subsistance and commercial use. In addition to that Halla village which used to receive little rains now due to the forest has abundant rains and water catchments areas.
Mr. Joachim is not the only life saver; the people of Hayasanda village are also saving lives. They promote and protect the Hayasanda forest which also provides a clean, safe and healthy environment for the people in and around the area.
The right to a clean, safe and healthy environment is included in the definition of the right to life. The right to life stated in the Constitution has been defined to include the right to clean, safe and healthy environment. Mr. Joachim and people of Hayasanda village are just an example of the people who have dedicated their lives to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment to all and thus save life.
If Mr. Joachim Tambo and the people of Hayasanda village could save life then everyone else can. Anyone and everyone can be determined to protect and promote the environment. In saving the environment one gives people the chance to enjoy their right to a clean, safe and healthy environment and hence save life and become a life saver. If they can, we can!
Written by:
Kokushubila Kabanza- YET 2011

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