Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Haraa is the one of the village that practices Participatory Forest Management, in this village both genders are responsible in evolving in activities pertaining to forest conservation and protection.
In the year 2001 the village council started the procedure of involving the community participation on sustainable forest management. It was the participatory forest management for the betterment of the community needs. Both genders are involved in the protection of village forest. Participatory Forest Management security is used as forest protection tool against forest invaders.
Participatory Forest Management security consists of four women and four men. This group works hand in hand with other community members to ensure the forest is reserved safely from those who tend to act as the invaders of forest like timber harvesters, honey collectors and those who involve in burning forest.
Women are given first priority in conducting forest conservation activity. Madam Coronera Nova is an assistant commander who is responsible for ensuring the forest is well protected, through reporting the forest attackers to the village council and arrange the duties of other community members in involving in protection of illegal harvesting of forest product.
Women has mandate power in Haraa village in ensuring sustainable Participatory Forest Management, for example madam Anna Temba is empowered as a chair person of environment committee which consists of twenty members of which eight are security guard of village forest and other twelve from village council with gender balance.
Therefore, women being given priority in participatory forest management, the Haraa Village has became well protected and conserved environment where it is seen that evergreen throughout the year.
Written by;
Anselmo Wami-YET 2011

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