Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Oooh Halla! Solution to Galapo, Kashi, Jundahida and Jadamari. Availability of water through out the year. The great Halla every one should bow to you, you bring back happiness to us, ooh Halla the great!!. Presence of trees attracts water table to be near to the earth surface which leads to the formation of spring in the forest.

The catchments area develop where by the volume of water increase and form a river, The government fix pipe to the catchments area which direct water to the four villages that is Jedamari , Kashi, Jundahida and Galapo.

There were various benefits from Halla village as follows the forest provides a breading area for various animal and insect such as bees, snail, lizard, birds. It provides vegetables from agro forest y whereby different fruits such as oranges, guavas, paw paws, tomatoes and bananas.

The forest mulch it self from the fallen leaves and grasses that dies which cover the land not dries up maintaining the wetness and moisture condition all the time.
Provision of fresh air to the near by village where by the forest absorbs large content of carbon dioxide at the atmosphere which make the environment to be conducive to every one due to its moderate temperature.

Halla is a forest which is located in Babati district. It is private forest owned by Mr Joachim Ndambo. The forest covers an area of approximately 554 hectors.
Written by:
Vivian Kisanga-YET 2011


  1. this real cool vivian..i can see you are going green.keep us more posted about our lovely nature!!

  2. Its cool, but i read one article, and it said, don't worry with global warming. Because it will end very soon. we're in state of global warming but after 40 years the universe will re-adjast so as to compasate those changes!!! Therefore, after 40 years the world will be cool and greenish!!!! But we must stop polluting our world, we need greenish and cool universe, so keep educating people is only the way
    Thanks for you funny and cool massage keep it up!!!.