Friday, May 6, 2011


It was in my field visit at Babati district in Manyara region when I got a golden opportunity to visit about three villages that is Ayasanda, Halla and Harra as well. In the villages I witnessed an old man and some other community members putting their extra efforts on conserving their forests.

Mr. Joachim Tambo aged (74) was an old man I met in Halla, he put much efforts on planting different kinds of trees like mikuyu, grevelia eucalyptus, kigeria, africano and many others.

I was also lucky enough to visit Ayasanda and Haraa villages as I had an opportunity to see how community members on the issue of forests conservation by sacrifying their energy and time on planting trees and protecting them.

Availability of water sources is one of the importances of conserving the environment since it help people to get water, for instance: in Halla village, there are three other villages like Geidamala, Ngalongadida and Galapo benefited with water come from Halala.

Apart from that, forests help in preventing land degradation, in three villages I visited they succeed much on preventing land degradation due to their activities of planting trees.

Sources of earning money become another importance of forests conservation, in Halala village for instance, Mr. Joachim earned money from people who come to visit his forests, and the money he got help in sustaining his family livelihood.

Therefore, all people in the community should put extra efforts on conserving forests since it have positive effects (importance)

Written by:
Hoffman Sanga- YET2011.

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