Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My name is mother Earth. The mother and father of all mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, failures and heroes.
I am here to register both my annoyances and grievances caused by my spouse called Humanity!!!!Hey you Mr. Man! Don’t you know that you depend on my loving and that without me you are nothing? But i don’t feel our love is any more mutual, because it seems to you i am no longer special.
Mind you i am the mother and father of all creation and my love goes beyond the boundary of your nation.

What you don’t forget is that all things are related and creation is a package! You see I’ve always thought of divorcing you actually but as they say“when a leaf falls it’s a tree that suffers shame” and this includes even the stem.

And for you Mr. Man even you Mr. Christian I know you preparing to soon leave for heaven, please make me paradise before you leave for you so called haven by adding little or no carbon to my special guard layer called ozone. By the way am here to house both the living and the dead if you want confirm with my special and harmless friend called the Bird.

We are here for each other quite alright but plz don’t forget that you need me more than I need you because sometimes strongly feel I can do better without you my great enemies. Because Instead of using all those moneys to protect me, you just there to pollute me. You can’t just have your greedy belly full, but busy biting from me more than you can chew.

Foolish enough you use your own teeth to cut you own gum, don’t you think that is a great shame? Please Mr Humanity!!! Depend on me today in a way that you will be able to depend on me the next day! Mind you no one knows tomorrow! Because the future is mystery is if the past is not history. Today is present and what you do to mother earth today will affect your day tomorrow because today you can be happy but tomorrow you are sorrow.

My name is mother earth; some people call me Mother Nature. I don’t know may be it’s because my love is not conditional as i love all creation irrespective of their size and because of this sometimes I feel I am not even fair to my own self.

Imagine being in love with you Humanity? You are so heartless and unfair both to me and yourselves. You can’t even think and care for own children to come after you. I know you know that others continue to live even after you die please sometimes feel shy! With what you do because apparently you can’t tell me that you do.

Surely if only you knew how we talk of you with my friends like comrade mars. Honestly you would have shifted to comrade Sun because you can’t even think of your own children to live after you in your actions.

Please Mr. Man/Christian I know you are very optimistic about paradise, but with your activities, my future is jeopardized. And so I berg of you! Add little or no carbon to my defence ministry called Ozone.

Because honestly the layer ozone is not for my own benefit but yours and so cousin damage to it should be the worst Agony!!!!!!!!
Written by;
Deodatus Kiriba-YET 2011

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