Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Issue of exploitation of natural resources unsustainably it’s happen in many sector such as in forestry where there is a large number of logs are being exported to Asia & other continents. In fisheries sector where there is a large number of unregistered fishing ship in our Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ).so its time for us as community to influence the government to take action & to use our natural resources sustainable to facilitate development and living standard.

The main issue which causes natural resources to contribute small percent to GDP is poor governance and policy we have in all sector and the corruption.

In order to solve this problem we need government leaders who are committed, transparent and patriotic/nationalistic. Also we have to reveal our policy so that we can benefit more from our natural resources. This action should star from personal level to national level so as to bring changes in all sectors.

Moreover the civil society organization(CSO’s) and other stakeholder should also play their role as watchdog by mobilizing community to take action on this issues and to facilitate government to manage our natural resources as result to increase the contribution of this sectors to the national GDP.

Heri Jackson

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