Thursday, May 14, 2009


Fisheries represent a significant source of revenue and foreign exchange & sustain livelihoods in the form of food, security, employment &for poor people.
The main challenges which faces fisheries sector are small contribution to national GDP where marine fisheries contribute very little compare to its size & resources it contains.
Unsustainable utilization of natural resources which includes illegal fishing where there is large number of unregistered fishing ship and others use dynamite/bombs or poison to catch fish which pose large loss of species & disturb marine ecosystem.
Unequal distribution of benefit where communities benefit small percent of total revenue collected from fisheries.
Other challenges are Poor/inadequate regulation and control of fishing such as licensing system in marine where they pay less compare to what they get.
Government , CSO’s & other stakeholder should its play part to improve the contribution of fisheries sector to the national GDP and to ensure that the natural resources is utilized sustainable and facilitate development. Other measures to be taken are to establish an appropriate regulatory framework & control to promote participation of civil society in development and implementation of policy and program.
heri Jackson

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