Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Kisarawe District is affected by severe Environmental degradation caused by sand miners which leads to the disappearance of several forest species and leaving the area open with no cover and causing the occurrence of big holes. Now the area is open even though few years ago were green and covered with different species of trees.

Sand miners are saying that they are right as they are selling the sands mined and they are getting their basic needs but real the environment is crying as now is almost necked with no trees and grasses at this Pugu sand mining area. Due to this situation who is to be blamed now is the sand miner or any one else?

Governance at this are it seems is not good, as the degradation is still going on and no immediate measures has been taken to protect the ongoing degradation, now where is the government, where is the village Environmental committee. Does it mean that they have not real seen what is going on at the area? I think there is something behind all these.

Let us find solution for the problem so that we can prevent other areas to be destroyed like the one. Let us encourage the sand miners to stick on other income generating activities which are friendly to the environment like beekeeping, farming activities, poultry keeping and other related activities.

Let us not destroy our nature for the satisfaction of today need and forgetting that tomorrow is coming, where the coming generation will get their needs if the ongoing degradation will not be avoided immediate for the sake of our present and future generation, each one must play his/her party to insure the sustainability of our resources.

Joyneth Mbogo,

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