Monday, August 24, 2009


During previous years a go there were an area where they believed that gods were living, the area were covered by densely populated forest as no one were allowed to touch that forest. The area comprised of different tree species, it was heavy and evergreen, as no one were allowed to cut even a single tree, they were saying once you cut the tree gods will be angry. Then no one touched that are and near by the water were flowing trough out the year, we never experienced drought like were experiencing today. Women and children were getting water readily near to their living areas and our livestock never walked long distance like today going to find where they are going to fulfill their thirst.

During the time the rain were available, we did not experience the rain problem as were experiencing today and wild animals were available at the area, once you go at the area you could enjoy seeing different type of animals and birds with different interesting colours. Birds were singing different beautiful songs so once you go there those birds would welcome you with those beautiful songs.

Now the situation has changed since people ignored our traditional and started cutting down those trees, then our gods become angry with us and now see how things has changed no that good greenish and more, water has become a serous problem and rainy is raining very hardily now, we are getting very few amount of rainfall now which did not even satisfy watering our crops and we are now welcoming a desert. This shows that our gods are angry with us as we made them migrate from their home area as those trees were cut down.

Now no confidential area for worshiping as we used the area before it was destroyed, just think what will happen after ten years to come what do you think you children will face. This shows how the modern culture has destroyed our culture, this is going to cost us, were going to face severe climate change. Real the situation is becoming worse and worse each day.

Remember this not each traditional culture is bad some are good and useful why are we abandoning our culture and praising the culture of others know what are we proud of if we are ignoring our own culture. We have good and unique things let us be proud of it and promote them, let us not be slaves of culture of others. Let’s put in mind that ours is ours and theirs is theirs.

Joyneth Mbogo

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  1. i think most of tradition cultural is promoting conservation of our natural resource as well as promote good manner within our communities, even this morden churches and new style of worshiping i think has great impact on the breakdown of our beautiful culture,if one can refer the book writen by chinua Achebe named ''things fall apart'' you will understand how munipulative this morden Religion is.