Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Once upon the time, God was living in the earth with people, and it was very easy people to communicate direct with God, this communication continued for long time where they are able to get anything they need such as food, rain, blessing good fresh air etc. they had a lot of cows but as times goes it happen in a certain village in maasai tribe that there was a man who had no cow, one day this man decided to cut a certain tree where Maasai tribe use to worship God, after that God was very angry with this people who destroyed a worship tree, God decided to go away from them, and so after that Maasai tribe started suffering from shortage of water, grass for their cows, food, no rain etc.
And this is the reason why Maasai tribe moves from one place to another to find pastures and water.

Nginyi Kimaai


  1. And that is why foreigners have guts to use the government you chose and gave it mandate over you to burn your houses and send you away.

    is this a curse or a blessing in disguise?

  2. I don,t think is a blessing at all,and am not take it as a presure or challenges i take it as a lesson,and mind you that 2010 is not very far from now.