Monday, August 24, 2009


It is good news to here the effort that has been done by one of international organizations that deals with environmental issues in Tanzania, known as World Wide Fund for Conservation of Nature (WWF) on her effort to empower environmental CSOs in Tanzania.

Fruits have started to be seen where most of her partners (environmental CSOs) have done a good job toward sustainable use of Natural resources on three sub-sectors (fisheries, forest and wildlife). This international Organization rendered grants to her partners form in year 2008/2009 based on the program known “Strengthening capacity to environmental CSOs in Tanzania”. Actually her dream has been seen to achieve. Hear I would like to share with you my follow Tanzanians on physical achievements which have seen;

WWF has worked with Journalist Environmental Team (JET) which has done a lot of activities in respect to environmental issues like raising awareness to individual by documenting different information relating to environmental bad practices for instance there is a newsletter titled “Stripping the gods naked” as it explains about illegal fishing around the coastal of Tanzania unfortunately amount to severe diminish of fishes while it people who are chief stakeholders remain in the dame of poverty.

Mr. Mushi (WWF staff) explained Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) have created awareness through rendering education to local communities on sustainable use of forest resources due to severe deforestation that occurs in Mkinga forest in Tanga region. TFCG has disseminated information to local communities publishing it through leaflets etc;

Further more, UNGO in Morogoro has created awareness to local communities on forest issues based on advocacy and lobbying. Mr. Venance (UNGO Project Officer) said “UNGO has achieved to create awareness on laws, policies and principles which we have but the majority of Tanzanians are not aware with. Together with, UNGO integrated Morogoro district authority (forest sector) on establishing guide centers so as to seize forest products that acquired illegally”. The same issue was worked by Tanzania Environmental Conservation group (TECG) that created attention to individual by raising awareness. Again, DECO came up with real situation of is happening at Kisalawe District following excessive Pugu degradation where people engage in sand mining.

On illegal fishing that happened in Tanga were people became aware as well as government authority as a result, constructive action taken to prohibit illegal fishing. The same issue on illegal fishing was worked by KIMWAM organization on how member communities can participate on sustainable fishing;

Also, Nature Scope worked on awareness creation in respect to laws and policies, in Njombe District-Iringa. Member communities have understood their role to participate in environmental decision making and sustainable use of natural resources.

Another interesting action done by WWF-TPO is about having a meeting with Environmental Parliamentary Committee where several environmental issues were discussed. For instance, the deforestation in Kazimzumbwi and Pugu forest. Miss Muhale said (one of WWF staff) “since parliaments were not aware on destructive practices in Kazimzumbwi and Pugu forest”. Hence the effort done by WWF in collaboration with its partners opened the door to government on undertaking measurable action.

With all the above successes that have been achieved by environmental CSOs, it is exactly that the objectives of WWF have started to bear fruits. I would like to congratulate WWF for your success efforts. We have learned from you and we are going to be your followers.

Angelus Runji


  1. Hope it will not only end up with reporting the activities of those who have got funding from CSOP

  2. At last something is being done to raise awareness in Tanzania, we need it desperately as a large percentage of the population appears to take our resources for granted.Keep it up!