Monday, September 21, 2009


Some where in Tanzania there is a community living in a particular area, the area is rich in natural resources such as forest and wildlife, the area was green with diverse of different plant species. This community who are local inhabitant(native) to this place they where utilizing this natural resources to meet their basic needs such as fire wood, building materials, fodder, medicine, fruits and etc.

Within this area there is forest which was reserved for spiritual matter as part of their tradition. The forest is managed by the local community guided with native law and custom and every one is abiding with this rules.

Due to the beauty scene of this area and weather one of investor was attracted and wants to take some part of this land .The investor follows all procedure and he was given part of this area. The investor starts to clear its land for preparation of Tea plantation.

During this process the investor commands workers to clear the other part which was not given by the government including the reserved forest. When they start to clear this land the community warns investor to leave aside reserved forest disdain and tell them I’m rich I can do anything.

Workers proceed with their activities and they managed to clear some part of forest. When they come for another day to finish remaining part they found that all tree where emerged. The investor was shocked with this situation but he did not give-up. Due to their understanding them though that if they clear all forest for one day no plant will emerge. They do so by using the advanced machine like bulldozer to clear the land. The next day they found that all tree where emerged as if there where nothing happen to that forest.

After all initiative and techniques to clearing fails the investor leave reserved forest as it is and the local community proceed to use this forest for the spiritual matter as usual.

Heri Jackson

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  1. Dear friend i can see they way able to convince people. That whenever you are clearing the forest through cutting down trees they will still able to grow by planting. Therefore through your message i can also say that whenever we are doing deforestation lattés do reforestation as well. Through doing that the trees will grew up particularly in the area they have cut them.
    By Kimay Lendukay from Tumaini university-Iringa