Sunday, September 6, 2009


Once upon the time, there is a mountain called Oldonyo Lengai, it is a good mountain Maasai people usually visit and worship there, the mountain was very good, very kind and very friendly to Maasai community even to women who have no ability to conceive

They will have babies if they go to worship there, but as times goes the mountain changed its kindness due to the disobedient of the community by breaking out the regulation or rules which were given to them by God like they use to sacrifice holly animals which to them refer as black goats and sheep and the one who are allowing to visit the place must be holly, also it was responsibility to Maasai tribe to protect the mountain and its environment. Due to this disobedient Maasai tribe started suffering because the special God who live in Oldonyo Lengai was angry and does not hear their voices anymore, from that time to now, maasai tribe believe that they are the one who made God who living in Oldonyo Lengai to release volcanic emission as they believe that God of mountain punished the community through hot volcanic emission in way that it explore, burn and killing livestock and people.
Nginyi kimaai


  1. that why oldonyo Lengai named the mountain of God, ooh,and now,the question is i don't know if there is anything going on within Maasai community to find ways to win buck the trust of God who live in Oldonyo Lengai,is there any?

  2. I am very impressed with the way you captured the public on bring the Maasai story with conservation ideas in it. Therefore, it is a good moment for Maasai and even other tribe to use their stories to educate the public. The good implementers of these initiatives are youth especially school children. Teachers, Guardians and parents tell your children / pupils stories like this. With people living in remote areas are trying but town dwellers they do not know even stories to pass to their kids.

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