Sunday, August 22, 2010


It was a nice day when we had a visit to Babati to learn on project environmental entrepreneurship and other successful projects conducted in the district. We hard a shared experience with villagers and the way Farm Africa has mobilized them for a change.
It was a place of a practical leaning since we visited many places to see how the community have responded to protect their own environment.
I lent among other things, livelihood options available like Bee keeping, butterfly farming and forest conservation projects.
I was interested with the Beekeeping technology since in the host organization there is an expected project of the same manner. In each case it will be a good experience when the project resumes.
When we visited Dareda, Eyasanda and Mzee Thambo’s farm I learnt on good relationship between the district government of Babati and the civil society organizations around together with other people in the community.
They supported ideas of private persons like Mzee Thambo and working hand in hand with Farm Africa for development of their people. In this Mzee Thambo’s farm I was convinced very much of the activities conducted by the old man for his development and people around.
The power of idea was successful in practice. The idea had opportunity to employ him and make his life meaningful.
Once more in Eyasanda forest conservation was successful and RED initiatives had taken place. They were paid for protecting the forest and used the funds to build schools and pay for children who could not manage fee. It was also a good experience for regulations and the way every body had direct benefit with the forest.
We found challenges. In Eyasanda hope was lost on the part of the government on the payment which was done since the intervention of the government in the system have made a process very complicated for them to get paid.
They could not know how much to get paid since they can not calculate the conservation return.
Market was also a challenge to Mzee`Tambo and other people around. It is difficult for their products to get sold in good price. YET had advised them to find market options and not to depend entirely on internal market which might rise little for their lives.
All in all, the trip was good and practical we lent many things, environmental conservation technique and related lively hood options available. Mobilization and strategies for environmental adult education in the village level.


  1. Yes kaka
    In deed it was a trip of a life experience for majority of us and u have just reminded me especially the success story of Mzee Tambo who is truly an environmental entrepreneur despite of all the market setbacks he was facing. Thanks for sharing

  2. I concurr with my learnered brother Thabit, on the other hand, Mzee wa Thame has impressed me that he is the first to post on the issue! Hongera kaka!