Sunday, August 15, 2010

Impacts of climate change in Tanzania

The adverse impacts of climate change are already having their toll in the livelihoods of people and in the sectors of the economy in the country. Frequent and severe droughts in many parts of the country are being felt with their associated consequences on food production and water scarcity among others. The recent severe droughts which hit most parts of the country leading to severe food shortages, food insecurity, water scarcity, hunger and acute shortage of power signify the vulnerability of the country to impacts of climate change.

Adequate food, good health, access to clean and safe drinking water, and sufficient energy for domestic and industrial use are critical factors for sustaining livelihoods and economic growth. The current drought led to critical food shortages leading to food insecurity and hunger. Thus major effort is required to achieve food security at national and household levels, and also to enable rural communities generate cash form farming activities.

It is high time to look at the country’s climate change related vulnerabilities in various sectors which are important for the economy. Since Tanzania’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture, it is deemed that sustainable development can be achieved when strategic actions both short term and long term are put in place to address climate change, and impact on agriculture.

There are must be efforts to promote reforestation programmes to adopt climate change impacts. This will involve restoration of vegetation cover on the degraded areas and making available forest products to communities living in the area.

Written by Magreth U. Makinge

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