Saturday, August 20, 2011


A total of 50 participants from different community groups dealing with various issues in Muleba District were trained on Fisheries policy of 1997, Fisheries Act No.22 of 2003, Environmental Management Act No.20 of 2004 and other Laws/Acts safeguarding the environment .

The 5-day training which takes place from August 1 to August 5, 2011 included environmental rights and responsibilities of citizens in conserving the natural resources and the environment at large.

This training took place in Muleba District because members of these groups had little knowledge on environmental conservation issues/ skills though they are involved in different activities. As a result of this capacity gap, practical conservation activities by the groups are limited leading to environmental degradation in the District.

The sponsorship was facilitated by WWF, which by Deodatus Kiriba as Young Environmentalist Trainee has agreed to conduct it all. The beneficiaries of the training has undergone a rigorous selection process because there was more than eighteen community groups.

The prerogative was given to groups dealing with forestry, wildlife and fisheries sectors , policy makers, members from village environmental committees and those who have expressed a genuine interest in the training and who convinced the organizers that they would disseminate the knowledge to others and contribute the impact to society/community.

The training sessions were very intense, and participants were busy learning various concepts. In the end they are required to use the knowledge gained to create a link and network to keep each other informed about what happens after training while continuing conserving the natural resources in their respective villages, wards and District at large.

Thus, the training and sharing experiences through reflection sessions enhanced and promoted conservation spirit among the groups and local leaders for improved livelihoods.
Written by;
Deodatus Kiriba-YET2011

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