Saturday, August 20, 2011


ORS FM is the community radio at Simanjiro district. The founder of this station is Mr. Martin Karungi, the Maasai elite from orkonerei village in the particular district. The Radio started to air its programs in 22nd June 2002 with the mission of promoting local artists and rise cases concerning the Maasai society.

Mr. Baraka the radio Manager said, “ORS radio has helped to educate the Maasai community on Land laws, although before it was difficult because the community had very law education”. He added that “We spent about two years to lob the community elders on the establishment of the radio”.

The radio has helped to address different issues and educate the Maasi peoples on those issues such as; circumcition, early marriage, overgrazing, and environmental degradation. Mzee Lesila Samly, the Malaigoni (Tradition elder) said,” Through ORS Fm, the Maasai community have identified the effects of circumcision to women to extent that the problem is decreasing as compared to some years before the presence of the radio”.

Furthermore, the Maasai people have understood the importance of sending their children to school, especially girls who were isolated. The elders in the village confirmed that through the radio they are able to get information from other places and within their localities, they added that, they are getting news which is broadcasted in the Maasai language, hence they acquire information from other parts of the word.

The Maasai people who were Isolated, marginalized and despised can speak their feelings on circumcision, land degradation and allianation, education and their culture, can now air their voices and heard by others in Arusha region and outside Arusha.
Written by;
Peter John-YET 2011

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