Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It was on 5th June 2011 I was attending the ward meeting in Kimandolu. The Ward Councilor Mr, Malla was talking to his people on the promises he made during campaigns. The meeting was held near the ward offices at Tindigani ground.

This, was the first meeting since he was elected, many people gathered for the meeting with happy faces as they anxiously awaited to listen to Mr.Malla in order to know if they chosen responsible person who will struggle for their requirements. Majority of the people attending the meeting were youth and I think it’s because the selected candidate was from the opposition party Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo(CHADEMA) and most of youth like the party.

When the officer appeared on the floor the entire gathering was shouting and happy to see him. He discussed a lot of on the promises he made during campaign. He talked about all activities which he had already done like construction of road as well as dirty water and rain water sewages to the streets within the ward. He has a plan of building the ward dispensary as he promised, “we are in process of locating a good place for building dispensary so don’t worry about it we shall build it”.

He also discussed about environment issues which make happiness to anyone who is environmentalist. He talked about the issue of implementation of environment by-laws and regulation to the community as the major tool of creating awareness especially to the community which is around the Forest or Mountain. This is what most Non Government Organization (NGO’s) dealing with environment tells the communities which they are working with them.

He said “those who are responsible must make sure that community be aware of all environment by-laws and regulations in order to avoid any misunderstanding within the community”. He said that because within his area of jurisdiction there is a forest where the community around has a negative perception that it was sold to unknown person. This is not true the forest is within the Municipal Council after Arusha become a city and the forest was vested to the Municipal. However most of the people were not aware that’s why he tried to emphasize on implementation of the bylaws and regulation.

All those who attended the meeting were happy and this create trust to this leader towards its people because most of the people appreciate on what he was doing and things which he is going to do as he said.
Written by;
Penina Joachim-YET2011

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