Thursday, August 18, 2011


In the recent past whenever a person talks about Ngorongoro, the perception of majority will think of Loliondo not because it is the headquarters of the province but because of “babu” (the retired pastor Ambilikile Mwaisapila who is said to be curing chronic patients in Samunge village in Loliondo).

Ngorongoro is a province blessed not only with “babu” but also with abundant natural resources including; Lake Natron which attracts several tourists in Tanzania due to presence of flamingos, Le Ngai Mountain a volcano which is still active and abundant wildlife attracting hunting tourism.

Ngorongoro province is divided into three districts geographical each of which is blessed with several tourists attractions and these includes; Ngorongoro, Loliondo and sale. With all the above blessings Ngorongoro is a province full of ongoing conflicts prior and after independence. The conflicts of Ngorongoro are due to the natural resources in the area. In the recent past the conflicts have taken another cause and without serious intervention the future of the province is unpredictable.

After independence the people were moved from Serengeti Game Reserve in agreement that they would not be moved again. In the agreement it was said that environment, tourism and community development would be areas of importance. According to Samwel a program officer from NGONET, the three interests have not been balanced this is because Tshs 50 billion shillings are collected yearly but people are still very poor.

“The people in Ngorongoro experience several human rights violations as far as their interests of the game reserves are concerned. These people do not own land or houses. It is hard to trade due to game reserve’s rules. They mostly depend on cattle keeping. They have stopped even subsistence’s farming, 60% of the youth have left the area due to the hard life. The collected revenue has not been used at the best advantage of the Maasai community who are the dwellers of the district and the said revenue has not been at their disposal be it of economic or social benefits” says Samwel.

The many disputes in this blessed province should be minimized, our natural resources preserved and everyone should enjoy the blessings of the Ngorongoro. It can be done!
Writen by;
Kokushubila Kabanza-YET 2011

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