Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There have been many meetings, conferences, workshops and mass gathering focusing growth and reduction of poverty in Tanzania, through different strategies, commitment and resources from domestic stakeholders and development partners in the medium term. But the issue of required or expected to justify actions or decisions (accountability) is still something to work on before even those gathering or meetings, because people are poor but pretend to be fine, when we talk about Tanzania is among the poorest countries globally people agree but the one who refuses is the one who has either seen how rich the country is. Ranked as the 5th top tourism income earner in Africa with annual receipts of US$739 million (World Tourism Organization, 2001) but then with no distribution of this information to local level even to the representatives who attend the meetings its like nothing going on in Tanzania’s Development! That’s why they end up in accepting everything talked … I totally disagree about Tanzania been poor but it’s the Tanzanian’s representatives being poor on Management and Accountability in the strategies for growth and reduction of poverty that are claimed.
Taking an idea of some representatives whom we choose to own authority for a period of time, and help the community in developmental issues, sleeping in the parliament! meetings, conferences Its totally enough to show poor accountability…dear reader if you need to prove this just go or watch carefully the parliament in your nearest broadcasting TV or attend meetings and see for your self, people are tired in the morning sleeping, while they gain a lot of money just for making them strong, brainstorm and ready to represent us. I have broken the silence and my heart is open and my eyes are ready to see the change … Having Tanzanite, Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria, Serengeti, Lake Tanganyika, Bagamoyo and green land that is represented by our flag who mean we are poor? Not yet poor its just management and accountability

David Sylvester,

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