Monday, July 27, 2009


Tanzania being among the country which inaugurate the environmental day this year has come with the world message, Planet needs you- Unite to Combat Climate change.

Before the day the minister concern the environment from the vice president office Hon. Dr. Batilda S Burian invites the journalist for the press conference where she tells the stand of the government and what will be done on the day.

During the press Hon. Dr Burian starts by giving the original of the environmental day where it begun on 1972 in the inauguration meeting of the environment which was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tanzania has decided to go with the message to Tabora for the reason that it is among the destructed area since the indicator of the deforestation.

According to Hon. Dr Burian who presents the government that in fighting the climate change the government has given education to the citizen so as to increase the understanding on environmental conservation in implementing the program.

The vice president office is said to prepare the national program on public education with this the office is participating on environmental celebrations international and national wise.

The government through the vice president office is cooperating with the non governmental organization and the civil society organization to encourage the use of charcoal as an alternative source of energy.

Mbeya is mentioned to be among the successful area since the mineral is found for the areas like Prisons, hospitals and schools are the areas using charcoal in cooking.

Again Hon. Dr Burian says the vice president office is giving education on the climate change though various occasions, media features and different environmental occasions which occur in this world.
It is true the time the message given is right but still asked are they talking to please the people or events or they are meaning it.
Each year on first January is where people are planting trees to make mitigate the problem of climate change still we don’t see forest even those trees growing.

It can be very difficult but what we ask is that what is important and easy to make people know the politics and vote for people to eat or educate people and make the sustainable environment for our grand children.

The environmental management act of 2004 in preliminary no 2 invoke that people may formulate associations but still most of them need the power of the government since political leaders and governmental officials are the people involved in environmental degradation.

Kalisto Mfuse

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