Saturday, July 4, 2009


It is so amazing to see natural resources are in danger situation while we have our local authorities that should insure natural resources are properly managed. Provided the fact that every citizen has the duty to protect natural resources as our Constitution provide as well under Article 27 (1). But the majority is not aware on laws; hence the Local Authorities has the duty to insure people at grassroots understand equitable use of natural resources.

It has been observed that the deterioration of Biodiversity in Morogoro District is due to inadequate awareness to individuals on how they should play their part to protect natural resources.
One citizen said “we always see forest products carried into Lories, but we don’t know whether they have been obtained legally or illegally. He went on saying “we are not aware on procedures to be followed on harvesting timber products”.

According to observation done by Union of Non-Governmental Organisations (UNGO) in Morogoro shows that there is inadequate participation of member communities to sustainable use of natural resources in Morogoro district. This amount to brutal demolishing of natural resources especially forest.

Since we have laws, policies and procedures that can be used to manage our resources, why don’t we implement them effectively by involving every individual to play it part?
The research made on loose of biodiversity in morogoro district shows that individuals are not aware on these laws, policies and procedures on sustainable use of natural resources so as maintain our biodiversity.

It is a time that our local authorities should insure there is high participation of individuals at grassroots whom most are surrounded with biodiversity. This can be done through information sharing like translating laws, policies and procedures in a simple language then disseminate to them. Also conducting meetings to address environmental issues and trainings. All these will create awareness to every individual on conserving our biodiversity.

Angelus Runji

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