Saturday, July 4, 2009


Forests and woodlands cover around 40% of the total land area, yet support the livelihoods of 87% of poor population who live in rural areas. Over 90% of the energy used in the country is wood fuel derived from the forests.

High rural and urban demand for forest product due to population growth result into increases rate of harvesting trees in forest and woodland area.
The utilization of forest product in most area is conducted unsustainable and this may result to deforestation or soil erosion to respective areas. Several measures should be taken to ensure that these resources are utilized sustainable.

Government, Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs), and other stakeholder should take action to this to ensure that our forest resources are utilized sustainable by provide education and training to local communities on the effects of unsustainable utilization of forest product and what method should be taken to ensure that this resource is utilized sustainable such as use of improved firewood saving stoves in rural areas, which will reduce the workload to women and children and conserve forest resources by reducing frequencies of encroaching forest firewood collection. Also people can be trained to use other source of energy such as Biogas and Solar energy for cooking and lighting which are cheap and environmental friend.

Most of Tanzania population depends on forest product so it is responsibility of you and me to ensure that forest resources are utilized sustainable for the benefit of the present and future generation.

Heri jackson

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