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Trees in a large number can be termed as forest. The forest covers about one third of the total land. The trees can be natural or artificial. This resource is very wonderful as it provides multiple benefits to human and Environment as general.
Trees are widely appreciated for the bountiful products they produce and the beauty they contribute to our environment. Trees also provide many conservation benefits. Forest/Trees are important in Tanzania due to numerous goods and services they offer both to the National Economy and to the society. In both rural and urban areas, wood based energy consumption is estimated to account for about 92% of total energy consumed in the country. (MNRT 1998).The estimated contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 1998 was 3.3% including hunting.
Out of the total energy used in Tanzania about 90% is generated from wood. Tanzania Traditional Energy and Environment Development Organization (TaTEDO) recently revealed that about 65 million m3 of wood for fuel are consumed annually. The amount of wood fuel consumed will continue to increase with the increasing population. This is causing serious over-exploitation and degradation of natural forests.
Trees are wonderful resources as roots grip and hold the topsoil, slowing runoff and leads to soil control, trees can reduce the speed water movement and reducing erosion and water pollution. Hence creates the beautiful landscape we have today, if there could be no trees the landscape could be skeleton as all soil could be taken by erosion agents. Now were using the top soil for several important uses.

Leafy tree canopies conserve moisture, slow the wind, keep the air clean, help quiet loud traffic noises, and provide shade from the hot summer sun.

Trees also create welcome home for birds and wildlife as they act as wild animal habitants and lead to the creation of several parks.

Trees and other green plants are the energy basis for all animal life to grow and function. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants convert light (solar energy) from the sun into chemical energy that is stored in the plant as carbohydrates (sugars) as it grows.

Trees produce several products like, timber which can be used for making furniture. Also trees produces building materials like poles, thatch, fencing sticks.

From forest also we get important fruits with important nutrition for our body the fruits for food and flowers for decorating our areas all this we can get from trees.

Trees regulates climate and leads to rainfall attraction as trees adds humid to the atmosphere and leads to formation of clouds, now through forest we can get rainfall for growing our crops and getting water for our uses.

From trees we also get medicinal values from roots and leaves, where these medicines can be used for treating several diseases.

Pastures are obtained for animals, gums can be collected from trees, bee wax and honey and fibbers can be collected from trees.

Trees has social significance where it creates Sites for traditional worship/believes and ceremonials, athletics beautifulness where picnic and tourism are taking place, also these are good sites for leisure.
Forest can be for commercial significance as produces timber which can be traded and we can get money, also forest may beautify landscape which will attract tourism and different species can be traded world wide.

Forest ecologically is important in the protection of water resources as it protects water catchments area not to dry up during dry season and we also get several species of animals and plants.

Trees acts as carbon sink because reduces carbon dioxide and releases oxygen; hence we can continue living as we depend getting oxygen from trees and we give up carbon dioxide which is being taken by trees, so this proves that no trees no life.

Trees must be replanted as they are used severely due to its important to almost each sector, now the great care and much effort must be applied so as to save the available trees while planting the new so as to win this war of welcoming the desert. The Problems of forest reduction is increasing daily due to population expansion and forest are cut down for settlement expansion and farm expansion also for getting building materials.

Fire problems which can be natural fire or man made fire must also be controlled as once there is an outbreak of these fire leads to disappearance of million of tree species. Therefore more care must be on avoiding the causal of the wild fire unless it caused by natural.

Tanzania is endowed with large areas of forest resources, which could contribute to the national economy if well taped. What is important is to use this resource in a sustainable manner, when using today put in mind that tomorrow is coming. Forest resource is renewable but if not used sustainably it will change into non renewable resource.

Due to its important forest resource is a crucial resource as it provides several vital needs to our life so we must join efforts to conserve this resource. The forest participatory management approach must be encouraged as the indigenous people are more familiar with their forest than any other.

Joyneth Mbogo

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