Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Long time ago our grant parents used many traditional methods to control pest and diseases. They used backs, leaves, roots and animals product such as dung and urine. These methods are friendly to environment. At that time there were no inorganic chemicals which were used to control pest and disease to their crop, so they thought other alternative way to reduce destruction of crops.

They use chilli, neem tree, tobacco, wild sunflower, Tephrosia vogelii (Utupa) and many others. These plants must be processed before applied to the field. They are also plant product such as ash and animal by product such as urine and dung from cattle. These traditional practices can be used differently from one part of Tanzania to another. Example in Babati district at Halla village “Mr. Emmanuel Kumbi use cattle urine to control stoke bore on maize crops”

All of these methods are environmental friendly, easily to use, and have no any effect to human and other micro-organisms which play a greater role on the environment .Use of these traditional methods made our parents to live many years without getting any disease. But after introduction of chemical methods of control pest and diseases such as DDT and others people start to quit from traditional methods. These chemical methods have many environmental effects such as killing micro-organism and insects which are agent of pollination, stay in the soil for long time, change soil feature and stay for plant for long time and when consumed by human can have long effect to human and cause disease such as cancer and many others.
Look now days how people are suffering from many environmental diseases. Practice organic farming for your health and other living creature.
Written by;
Edward Justine-YET2011

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