Monday, April 11, 2011


The Halla forest is owned by one Mr.Joachim Tambo an old man born on 1937, the forest is a Private Forest Reserve, it has a large area and enough space as well as many attractive things, like a variety of trees in the forest (natural and planted ones), water sources from the spring, monkeys and a garden area where there are many species such as pawpaw, mango, orange, coffee tree and vegetable such as trivelia.

Mr.Joachim, who is the mainly contributor to preserving the Halla Forest and the environment is highly committed and hard working. He offers himself together with the support from his family and community to manage the forest.He has given authority by the government to prohibit people from destroying the forest by practicing deforestation, burning of the forest, collection of firewood and overgrazing also the approach of making seven corner to the forest both helps in the protection of the soil erosion and there is no history of soil erosion in that forest.

He participated in different trainings and workshops on conserving the environment and forest, during which he came up with different ideas to protect the Halla Forest. Some\ of the idea includes planting a garden area and agroforest where there are different kinds of tree spices such as pawpaw, mango, orange, coffee and vegetables which make the place to be more attractive.
Also, he uses the slogan “Panda miti kata mti” which means that if you cut one tree you should plant two trees. This is the slogan which he uses daily and has made vast achievements which resulted in the increase number of trees in the forest, including ‘ficus species’ and natural trees which are good sources of water.Mr.Joachim Tambo he also achieved a lot from that forest as an individual for example food, firewood, fruits, water for the family needs as well as earnings from the selling of fruits, vegetable, timber and donations from the visitor who visit the forest. At the public level the forest play a great role as a supply of water to the city where people enjoying the use of water from Halla Forest.

Mr.Joachim the private individual has played a great role in conservation of the environment through the Halla Forest he is an example of a good environmentalist’s fighter, volunteer and protector.
Written by;
Penina Joachim-YET 2011

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