Sunday, April 3, 2011


Mr. Joachim John Tambo was born 1937 in Gallapo village, Babati district, in Manyara region from Mbugwe tribe. He finished standard four basic education in Gallapo village then shifted to Halla village with his parents.
In Halla village he managed to conserve the forest area approximately 550 hectares sustainably and successfully through the tree planting programs he kept, hardworking and intrapersonal commitment in combating land degradations and deforestations.
Furthermore, the tree planted led to thick greenish forest which created more water channels, later they collect into one main stream which is vital and savior source of water to four adjacent villages. The villages include Gallapo, Kashi, Geidamala and Ngalogadida.

In 1980’s the massive land degradation and deforestation occurred in Halla village, whereby in 1985 he started to conserve once was highly degraded and deforested area and turned it into precious and useful Halla Private Forest Reserve.
The Halla forest reserve created refugee area to animal species, bird species, and reptile species, thousands of insect species, frog and toad species. The forest is the main source of rainfalls in the area due to high standing biomass of plant communities.
Moreover, the Halla Private Forest Reserve has led to microclimate conditions such as optimal temperature and optimal humidity which strongly support both livelihoods and animal species in the area.
Indeed the Halla Forest is in the blessed and safe hands of a committed and dedicated man of people and environmentalist, a pioneer and hero in the Halla village, Mr. Joackim John Tambo the Greaat!
Written by;
Fanuel Francis-YET 2011

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