Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Mzee Joachim John Tambo is an old man white hair walks with the help of a stick known as Mkongojo.His house decorated with a greenish plant like banana trees and some animals and birds such as Duck, Cows and Goats. Mzee Joachim lives in Halla village in Babati district and owns private forest. He is doing other activities such as tree nursery, taking care of tree fruits and hortculture.

Mzee Joachim is among the volunteers who is a good example model on educating people in the community about conserving the environment despite being sick he managed to walk and show use the beautiful forest. In his forest there are many things which attract any one who visits his forest and attract visit again and in the forest there are animals running around enjoying the beauty of the forest varieties of birds sing the sweet relaxing song the water source comes from natural tree known as focus tree. Garden areas planted the different crops like cabbage and spinach and different of bamboo tree and then seven corner which help to rich down the forest because of strip sloop and help to see natural paradise well when you are going down.

Yeh! This forest are very amazing for their beauty green stand make the paradise for every one to enjoy the naturally of the place please come and visit Mr. Joachim John Tambo’s.
Written by;
Fatuma R. Juma-YET2011

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