Thursday, March 5, 2009


It is true that Tanzania has been among the reach country in the resources found in it as blessed given by the creator. The contribution of natural resources which is found in the country is not what the people of that particular country get instead what they get are only the suffering and torture which are brought to them by the investors.
The contribution of the mining sector which was to boost the growth of the gross domestic product GDP to a large number has become just suffering to local people treated brutal and they are not given chance to express their views and make contribution on the policy making of the sector.
Also the wastage of money which was to be as help of the people is done by few who benefit to take the cake for their own and they dont have patrtiotrism to their cuntry and their fellow citizen.
Then this has been also brought to the tourism industry, forestry and fishery. if we take into consideration also these areas could make profit which could be used to make annual buget which would chang e current situation of the depency.
In this situation the worst situation there is a need of change where an individual would change and activate others. then the policy would be revised so as to be suitable for the development. also all things must be done for national not individual or personal.
The challenge would be the responsible person is everybody to take action so that non would not left to make decision for personal benefit. then the civil society organizations would be among of the activist to the rural and unaware people on the true directions.

By Kalisto Mfuse

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