Tuesday, March 10, 2009

“The natural resources in Tanzania are in a deep bad dream”

The fact that is as follows, provided Tanzania has been endowed with a lot of mineral like gold, nickel, and diamonds and copper. But her development is low and it people are swimming in a great dam of poverty. It is a matter of questionable as what is long inside? It can’t be something to put in bracket, it is now a time for we Tanzanians to ask ourselves on the on going on poverty and find required solutions.

Since, the report presented in the Guardian Newspaper gives some examples of the typical core reasons include poor polices made by government especially a third phase government like the police of privatization. These private sectors exploit a lot of resources where the government is earning 3-7% and the remaining percent is for investors from outside.

This situation has been the in other sectors (sub-sectors) like in forestry, fisheries and wildlife where their contribution in economic growth in Tanzania is minimal compare to utilization of resources. For instance in wildlife sub-sector, there is an action, which is called poaching, where tourist and investors are involving. Also in forest, the activities like logs cutting and de facto investors are much causing the excessive decline of forests. Hence the contribution of these sectors as well is so minimal for instance forestry contribute only 13.9% per year. But the harvest of forestry product is of to much deteriorative.

The issues, which I address, are, the availability of poor policies, poor contracts to private sectors, which should be rectified. Corruption that exist to leaders who are in power. Hence, all these require equal participation between government, organizations and people in local level.

We individuals are the one who should be responsible after knowing the need to bring contribution in our societies. We should have self-determination on how to utilize our resources for self-development.

Since civil society organizations are the watchdogs, that they should change themselves by empowering, education and organize so as to bring changes in societies.

By Angelus Runji,
YET, Tanzania

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