Thursday, March 26, 2009


- The people of Dar es Salaam should adapt the Polluter Pays principle of the Rio declaration! And looking to Moshi would be a good idea.

Among the dirty city can be Dar es Salaam where every corner of the city if you pass you will find people have thrown plastic materials and not only that but there are some areas where you will find that they are stinking it can be because they have thrown dirty things.

Few days ago the Prime minister visited various areas including Kariakoo market which is always very dirty but he found it was cleaned so at least the market looked somehow beautiful while in the other areas where he didn’t inform them that he is not going to pass were found very dirty.

Thus what is discovered is that if the officials especial the top governments pass through various areas all the places will be clean because the people responsible for that will do.
But what make me ask myself is that always I walk along various areas in Dar es Salaam and I find they are very dirty even in the healthy services like Mhimbili National hospital where you will find people have thrown plastic materials in various areas even if they are a lot of dust bin placed in various corner of the path areas.

I admire the Moshi area where I can take it as the lesson area to other places where is the area where they are following the principle of Rio which were declared in 1992.To look partially are three where the first states that Polluter Pays, the second is Precautionary Principle and the last is Shared but Different responsibility.

In Moshi if you arrive there being Guest or not you must observe clean less they have the system and they have their watchmen on it if you try to polluter their town you have to pay for it thus everybody in that area get precaution and they share with different responsibility.

Now I hope if that system of Principle of Rio would be adopted in Dar es salaam every person who will through plastic materials out of the dustbins and everyone who will pollute by any means would pays accordingly I hope every one would be responsible to keep the city clean.

By Kalisto Mfuse

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