Monday, March 9, 2009


I want to my view on poverty we have in our country .in real we have a large stocky of natural resources of which if we would use properly the national economy would raise so as to improve health services, education, infrastructure and so many other services to the community.
Unfortunately although we started to utilize the stock but the society does not benefit much. For example in mining sector out of 100% of gold production by the investors only 3% remains with Tanzanians this is amazing. the problem is not only in mining sector but also we experience same problem in other sectors of forestry, fisheries and wildlife. the contribution of these three sectors is below than expected, where it is estimated that only 5-10% of the potential revenue from the forestry sector

What are problems?
In natural resources sectors there are many problems which are exactly the reasons of our poverty, but I will try to only three problems analyzed below.

Widespread corruption
This may be one of the big problem in natural resource management and utilization. Most of agreements signed by government and the investors are in darkness. The people who are responsible in this sector are also do not say any thingLimited participation of communities and civil society organizations in management
The grassroots community and civil societies are not well included in the management of the sub-sectors. This may be a reason for the community to think that they are not responsible and they will come to destroy by either illegal or unsustainable methods.Unbalanced benefit sharing
May be due to lack of enough experience on business related to natural resources, most of agreements signed by the Tanzanians seem to benefit more the investors instead of the majority of Tanzanians who are extremely in massive poverty.

Who is responsible?
Every one in the society is responsible to ensure that our natural resources are useful on solving our problems. Individuals, local communities and civil organizations must combine their effors and act as changing agents

What should be done?
Government on its side supposed to train enough expers for management and evaluation of natural resources for sustainable utilization at a reasonable price. Civil societies must educate the community and try to change the attitudes of individuals. We need to change so as the whole society will change at last one day we will sit to enjoy benefit of our own wealth.
Soma Said
Dar es salaam,

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