Thursday, March 5, 2009

CSOs of Tanzania must unite and organize!

We have been asking why most of Tanzanian are poor despite the endowment of Natural Resources. This can be due to our ignorant and reluctance as we don’t count, we don’t know and also we don’t care of the importance of our resources we have been given by God. God provided to us those resources very purposeful. Why, he didn’t give others? But we don’t see all these as were considering the hungry of others but yourself we are dying with hunger. We are still sleeping once we get up all our resources will be perished away as those who are awaken are using our resources effectively.
This is all caused by combination of factors like poor policies, corruption and misuse of power as few are benefiting on the expenses of many people. The important sectors like fisheries, forestry and wildlife how comes contributing very little to our economy what makes me to want is where our leaders are getting money to build big houses and buy very luxury cars while mass of Tanzanian are poor.
The government is responsible for all happening, whom they are leading, why do they prefer more outsiders rather than indigenous? CSOs are also involved.
All these we can overcome if CSOs we unite, organise, awaken and provide awareness to the local communities on issues concern their rights patterning to natural resources.
Each one must be involved, let us be the agents of change, let us say enough is enough and fight for our rights.
Let us ask our leaders where are they getting money? By doing this our resources will be managed for sustainable utilization.

By Joyneth Mbogo

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