Thursday, June 9, 2011


The aquatic species in Lake Burunge found Manyara region are under the threat of being decreasing and disappearing. This is due to the human activities such as agricultural fishing and livestock keeping which are taking place on the shores.
The agricultural activities are associated with the use of fertilizers and agrochemicals; when rains comes it washes away those chemicals downstream the lake and these chemicals are harmful to the species that are found in the lake as some of them die and this lead to the decrease in number and in long run they might disappear. Agricultural activities along the shoreline have severe drainage and soil salinity problems caused by high, more or less saline.
The livestock keeping around Lake Burunge is associated with overgrazing which have lead to soil erosion When rain comes it washes away loose soil down to lake results into siltation hence decreasing water depth The decrease in water depth in a way disturbs the breeding sites of the fishes sometimes it affects even the chances for reproduction. Overgrazing and inappropriate cultivation methods may increase runoff and erosion in catchment areas, with coastal land affected by increased sediment in rivers which in turn disturb the fishes.
The fishing activities in Lake Burunge are carried by the use of hooks and nets. To some extent there is illegal fishing where by the fishermen use small holed fishing nets. These nets have adverse impacts to the aquatic species since they catches the small fishes and hence endanger the reproduction system of the coming generation.
The human activities needs to adhere to the environmental laws, acts and policies so as to protect the fishes which are under threat of being decreasing and disappearing.
Written by;
Neema Amon-YET 2011

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