Sunday, June 26, 2011


Kimandolu (Enigma endolu) is a Maasai word meaning fire axe. In 1980’s the area at Kimandolu was covered by thick forest, one could hear reflection sound like someone chopping firewood from the forest, hence the origin of the name “Kimandolu”.

The mountain is located 4km South of Arusha town. Before Arusha was established as a city, the mountain was within Kimandolu ward surrounded by four Kitengare, Tindigani, South Kijenge and North Kijenge villages. But after Arusha became a city the villages were converted to streets and management of the mountain being under Municipal Council in collaboration with Kimandolu Ward.

The municipal organized some reforestation campaigns in order to conserve the mountain. Individual and Organization volunteered to plant trees especially during Environmental days. Also municipal pay ranger to protect resource within the mountain against poachers. Within the mountain there’re found different species of wild animals such as dikdik, birds such as hammer cobs, yellow billed stock, cattle egret, guinea fowl and reptiles such as chameleons and many more species of snakes.

The mountain is good destination place for internal and external tourism because when you’re at the top of mountain you can a view of whole of Arusha city the houses, hotels, roads, factories and other buildings. One can also have a view Arusha National Park Forest reserve.

The Arusha Municipal have already started to implement the project of urban tourism by constructing roads to reach at the top of mountain, watch tower, resting points, a traditional foods restaurant, a curial shop with Maasai and Makonde products along on the way to the peak of the mountain.

The project is expected to benefit mainly local communities around Kimandolu Mountain through employment opportunities as well as the municipal though income generation from tax collection and other sources.

For those who know it or had will get an opportunity to go there, they will enjoy the best and will have no other place to compare with in Tanzania.Ooh Kimandolu Mountain, you are better than even Udzungwa Mountain National Park.
Written by;
Edward Justine-YET 2011

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