Monday, June 27, 2011


We urgently need to launch a movement to stop cruelty against old men. From April this year I have weeping seeing, those heartless protectors bounding old men in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya out of office, in total disregard of their contribution over the decades to creating strong governments, controlling bad elements in society, building strong economic etc. this cruelty against veteran rules must be addressed.

It is real UnAfrican to force a man to abandon the home he has lived in with his wife for 30 years, in which his grandchildren have been born and raised, to go and start like afresh elsewhere. Whatever happened to the African values of respect for old ago?

Those protestors do not know what it means to be 70-plus and a leader. You are afraid old man living on life support and yet have to look tough as nails in public, surviving on expensive secret treatment abroad that can you can only afford disposal. Now who will pay these bills when you chase the old man out of office?

Do the protestors know what it is to be spend two decades without using your own coin on food, rent, clothes including underwear, and then suddenly being told to pay for everything including expensive hospital bills?

Those disrespectful demonstrators think it is easy to abandon a life where everybody around is fighting to please you. In any country where a president has ruled for over two decades if he decided that everybody meeting must start with each minister receiving five strokes of the cone, not more than half would resign. If you think this is a joke, recall Congo where for decade’s ministers duties included making their wives available to the Big Man to use as he wished.

Most protestors were born during the wise and able leadership of the very men they are now chasing out on a continent where life expectancy is the 40s, once you rule for 20 years, half the population was born in under you. Rule for 30 and 75 percent are your children. You only need to add five years and 99.999 percent of your people were born under your presidency, making them automatically accept your dear son as your successor.

Now some reckless protestor wants to spoil these neat arrangements. And the equally unkind solders are not helping police to shoot them down. That is the mistake of recruiting citizens into the army. One day they will side with people! We should recruit foreigners in African armies they don’t think of their relatives when the order to crush demonstrators is givers.

It is not fair to force a man of 70 something to learn a new trade. Let us find them countries with vacancies for president. For a start, our commonwealth mother, The Queen can give us three namely Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Those nations do not have a head of state and the Queen keeps appointing governor generals for them. Imagine, until recently, she had a black girl ruling Canada for her. Surely, wouldn’t our tough, experienced presidents fill the head of state post in those rich countries better?
Written by;
Bright Sospeter-YET 2011

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