Monday, June 6, 2011


The whole world celebrates environmental day each year. On 5th June, 2011 it will be celebrated at global level. Truly the situation of environment in Tanzania is terrible. Destructive activities increase day after a day. Deforestation, overgrazing, bush fire and forest fires, charcoal burning and environmental pollution has become dominant activities in most of Tanzania societies. Will environmental day change this situation?

I visited Kisokwe village in Mpwapwa district where I witnessed deforestation around Chunyu and Chihunguzi Mountain. These areas are around Kiboriani forest reserve. The village leaders and environmental committees don’t take any measures. A global level sings a song of environmental day with the aim of emphasizing environmental protection and conservation, but in rural area there is a severe environmental degradation. Due to this situation environmental day will be meaningless if these destructive habits will not be stopped.

Environmental policies and laws are good and clearly elaborated. Do the grassroots communities know these Environmental policies and laws? According to the research done by DONET in UNDF project in six district of Dodoma region, the findings show that only governments officials who know various national policies rather than grassroots communities.Community lack awareness on the importance of Environmental conservation. How can it be possible to say we celebrate Environmental day while Environmental destruction is increasing from family level to International level.

There is the need for environmental policy advocacy and lobbying so as to raise awareness to the grassroots community. If this will not be put into action, the voice of Environmental day will be like filling water into a sisal bag.
Written by
Anselmo Wami-YET 2011

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  1. thanks for the information. it helped me in my research study, can i know to what extent the area has been degraded interm of %. Thanx