Sunday, June 26, 2011


The escalating cost of living that is consigning many Tanzanians to object poverty is directly linked to the fact that for five decades since independence in 1961 we have failed to develop our country. Tanzania has grown poorer and weaker with each divisive policy and programmes’, our self-seeking leaders have designed to fight each other, instead of collaborating to overcome poverty, our main enemy.

We are poorer because we have left our politics to criminal enterprises that ensure that parasitic elite continue to dominate, exploit and impoverish us. At elections we make false choices between thieves and robbers who have no agenda to make Tanzania a modern country.

To improve our lot, we must reject Vuvuzela politics. A new national leadership must embrace the politics of policies, programmes, targets and goals, geared towards emancipating the people. The new leadership must embrace austerity measures that will liberate our taxes to go more towards development than towards recurrent expenditure on laxiourios for the privileged.

No country has over developed without on abundance of national savings. No country has over developed without a strong capital base. No country has over developed when the majorities of its citizens are locked up in poverty and cannot contribute their full potential to the country’s economic, cultural and political life.

Development involves capital accumulation in detribalization, the transformation of productive forces through machine technology and the introduction of factory system of production. It entails urbanization, the nationalization of thought, and changes in social beliefs and institutions. The economy must be given primacy in the political system. Most importantly, development is under pinned by certain valves, including efficiency, hard work, precision, honesty, punctuality, thrift, obligation to one’s duty, and wealth creation.

The time has come when we must stop tolerating the intolerable! We must not tolerate bad leadership. We must not tolerate poverty and underdevelopment. We must not tolerate being in the third world. The journey to the first world will begin where we reject the politics of backwardness of the self, me, I, my tribe, my people, and my region.

We must embrace the polities of Tanzania, where leaders do things because of their common good not personal gain; where they pursue conviction not cash; where they are prophets not profiteers. To become a developed industrialized country, we must imitate developed industrialized countries. In them we must see on image that is possible focus it we do the right things.

Tanzanians must not sit pretty, satisfied that because we share tribes or regions with our exploiters we are part of their prosperity. We must muster the strong ideological and moral commitment to resist the alloring, corrupting force of their empty promises that something will eventually trickle down to us. We must reject the oppressive politics and economics of trickle down that have redistribution not production as their goal. We can’t redistribute what we don’t have. The economic non-rationality of trickle down cannot result in development.

We must get leaders who embrace the emancipating politics and economics of fixing the base by building factories, good infrastructure, functioning schools, modern health facilities, piped clean water, providing good security, eliminating corruption, and doing everything rational to make Tanzania a globally competitive modern country.
Written by;
Bright Sospeter-YET 2011

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