Thursday, September 1, 2011


The problems associated with climate change affects people’s livelihood in almost aspects of life i.e. socially, economically, and culturally. Climate change brought changes in temperature, floods drought and rise of the sea level. In Tanzania there are some evidence which shows the climate change is there and continuing taking place particularly in our surrounding areas.Basing on temperature, areas like Dar es Salaam there are excessive hotness whereby people are suffering through it, also that season brings a big number of mosquitoes which causing malaria.

Not only temperature but also floods affects people through death of living things, destruction of properties such as infrastructures, In case of Kigamboni area people claimed that during rainy season the situation was getting worse particularly at Kigamboni hospital where by the entire area was flooded so the people they even don’t pass from one side to another from that point patient are sometimes transferred to neighbouring hospital.

Rising of the sea level are also the part and parcel of climate change, it affects people’s livelihood through causing disappearance of some rocks, sea’s species like silcant. Peoples around Raha leo street argued that due to increasing of the sea level, fisheries practice illegal fishing because those changes brought them moving far away in the deep sea finding more fishes. Rising of the sea level led to some destruction of properties like houses, some rocks breaking down as well as big trees and plant are falling down.

Climate change also brought changes on wind which destructing houses, big buildings, some big trees falls down, boat sinking down in the sea .Due to those problems associated with wind it might cause accident and sometimes death to the people.

People might get starved due to lacks of enough rain which cause drought as the one sign of climate change. Not only people parse but also other living things such as plants and animals. Both peoples and animals lack enough food hence hunger disaster was taking place.

In Tanzania there are some evidences which shows those areas had an extremely drought such as Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Lindi, Mtwara and Dodoma
So far climate change was taking place, we as a Tanzanians we have to do something that can mitigate the impacts which are associated with it. Basing on rising of the sea level we should stopping cutting down the mangrove trees as well as planting more trees as we can, same applied to the case of drought, many trees should be planted which enable us to get more rains. People should fill stones and sand as well as digging trench to reduce floods around their surrounding areas.

Government with cooperation with environmental agencies/NGOS and activists should prepare seminars and workshops to provide education to the people about the term of climate change, to some extent this term seems so strange to many people so people should understand about that concept and all about the signs of climate change as well as the mitigation.
Written by;
Lina James-YET 2011

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